Toyota and Lexus ECU Re-Flash

Cars Locksmith offers convenient on-site ECU re-flash services for Toyota and Lexus. Sometimes the ECU on these vehicles need replaced.
If you have lost your Toyota or Lexus keys, we can help. We can help with ECU re-flash. We can also help if the valet key needs to be re-flashed or replaced. If you go to a dealer, it will cost from $1,000 to $2,000 to install a new computer. Plus they may tell you that they are the only ones that can help. However Cars Locksmith can help and save you money. Our technicians are experts and can make replacement keys for Toyota and Lexus. They can also help customers re-flash the computer for less money than your Toyota or Lexus dealer. No matter if you are stuck out on the road or in your driveway, Cars Locksmith can help. We put the customers’ needs first and won’t leave you stranded.
How does our service work?
You can start by giving us a call. Sometimes your keys won’t work and ECU replacement is needed. We can help with Toyota and Lexus re-flash without breaking your bank account.
We offer outstanding service 24 hours a day. Sometimes, you need a technician late at night. We will come to wherever you need us. Our technicians will produce new keys for you. The ECU unit is removed and re-flashed. It does not take a much time and we will quickly have you back on the road. Plus, our technician will program the keys to open the doors. The best part is that you will have two keys for your car.
The best part is that we offer quick service which is needed when you need to get to work or pick up your kids.
Toyota Car Key Services
Our team is licensed and insured. The best part is that customers can contact us at any time. Our technicians are ready to come to your location 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We will get the job done right without taking a lot of time. Cars locksmith offers the following services:
Make lost car keys
Ignition rekey
programming transponder chip
Ignition key stuck or broken
Duplication of Toyota car key
Lost Toyota key solutions
Toyota key replacement
Duplicate Toyota keys
Toyota keys that are broken
Removing keys stuck in the ignition of your Toyota
Lexus ignition replacement


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