General Motors VATS Ignition

General Motors Vehicle Anti-Theft System (VATS) is most noticeable by the “black chip” in the blade of the key. This system was first used on Corvettes in 1986 and was used until 2004. During that timeframe it was used in every GM model.
What is VATS
It is a security key system that was used by General Motors. A single sided key has 15 resisters in it, whereas a double sided key has 14 different resisters.
The best thing to do is to operate the VAT keys properly. Any time the resistance is read, the VATS Module will begin to crank the engine and send a message to the ECM to allow the operation of the fuel injectors. The correct resistor is needed to start the vehicle.
The key helps improve security since there is a 1/14 or 1/15 chance of having the correct key. The worst case scenario is that one will be locked out of his or her vehicle for 45 minutes. This helps deter people from stealing the vehicle.

VATS Issues
The problem is that when the VATS is turned, the small wires inside move. Over time, the plastic insulation on the wires may break. As the wire strand break, owners of GM vehicles will experience the security light remaining on. Eventually, the car will no longer start. Cars Locksmith can help owners replace VATS keys. Whether you have lost your VATS key or need a new one because the old one doesn’t work, we can help. Cars Locksmith is open 365 days a year and has technicians who are well trained on VATS key repair.

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