This glossary is an excellent guide for understanding common terms used in the locksmith business. Cars Locksmith offers outstanding services for every type of vehicle as well as your home.

Keyed alike.
Multiple locks that can be opened using the same key..
Transponder Keys Programmed.
These keys have a chip inside and sometimes need to be reprogrammed..
Dead Bolt Locks.
This is a common term that you will come across. Dead bolt locks have a bolt in the door frame..
Ignition extraction.
Some models have issues with keys getting stuck in the ignition. Ignition key extraction is when a locksmith removes a key that is stuck in the ignition..
Control Key.
A tool for removing the core from the interchangeable core cylinder..

Emergency Service.
Cars Locksmith offers emergency services. They provide services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No matter the emergency Cars Locksmith can help.

A device that keeps a door shut until it is opened.

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